Thank You Donors

The Greater Boston Stage Company Staff, Artists, and Board of Trustees would like to thank our generous government, corporate, foundation and individual donors and invite you all to Take A Bow! YOU are our stars!

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Special thanks to State Senator Jason M. Lewis’s and State Representative Michael Day’s offices.

We appreciate financial support from the following cultural councils: Burlington, Everett, Lawrence, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Methuen, Reading, N. Reading, Peabody, Stoneham, Wakefield and Wilmington.

Anonymous x53
Audrey and Donald Adelman
Cynthia D. Allen
Shirley and Ted Ament-Bergey
Mary Anastas
Mark F. Cardono and Tracy Sioussat
Claudia Arnoff
Jim Arnold and Krista Macari
Julia and Kent Aston
Julie J. Barnes
Andrew Barrett
Kim Lundgren Barrows
Daniel Berger
Andrea and Eric Bergstrom
Margery Bernis
Raymond and Joan Bird
Norman Bitsoli
Sarah Bixler and Christopher Tonkin
Peter Blanshan and Marilyn Wolman
Dorothy Boisvert
Randall and Cassandra Bowlby
John and Mary Lou Bracciotti
Patricia Brady
Karrie Brenneman
Arthur and Lisa Brussard
Miriam and Elijah Buda
Mary Ellen Burgess
Frank and Marie Burke
Todd Burne
Kathryn Butler
Joan Byington
Michael and Shanna Cahalane
Peter and Lynne Cameron
Joan H. Cassidy
Anna and Frederick Castle
Peter and Laura Chan
Brendan and Lindsey Chisholm
Rich and Judy Clark
Judith and Richard Clark
Judy Clough
Robert Colozzo
Brendan and Jane Connell
In honor of Patricia Risser Kilty
Judith Conroy
John Cornwell
Jeanne Cotter
Judy Courtney
Darrin and Lori Courtney
William D’Amato
Lois and Albert DeBueriis
Jude DeHart
John DePinto
Anne Devaney
Robert DiBella
Nick DiCiaccio and Marguerite Shepard-DiCiaccio
Janet Distasio
Nancy and Stephen Ditullio
Kathryn and Edward Doerr
Ann P. Doherty
Kathleen Donati
Peter Haydu and Dona Sommers
Richard M Donovan
Bruce Doyle
Kathy Driscoll
Sally and Kathleen Duff
Nancy Dunham Herd
Wes and Sandy Elmer
Larry Fava
Timothy E Finn
Ellen T. Finneran
The Flagg Family
Kathleen Floyd
Jim Foley
Joan Ford Mongeau and Peter Mongeau
Francie Francis
Teresa M. Gallinaro
Susan Gaskell
Nancy B. Ghareeb
Ann Marie Giovino
Eugene Giunta
Tom and Judy Gordon
Carolyn R Gould
Jacqueline Green
John F. Gribos
Art Grossman and Jeanette Recina
Lois A. Groves
Patrick Guthrie
Anita’s Hair Design
Regina Harris
Michael Hartigan
Pam Hartman
Robert Harvey
Faith Harvey
Bill and Carol Hayes
Rosemary Healey-Walsh
Susan Hegel
Elaine Hondorf and William Kelly
Janice and Katherine Houghton
Rose Howard
Sharon Iovanni
Gail Jackson
Lois S Jacobs
Diane Jones
Emily Keane
Fiona and Michael Kerr
Mary Anne Kieran
Kiewra family
Kevin Kiley
Patricia Kilty
William and Linda Kimball
Dave Kurdzionak
Paul Lacey
Steven and Sally Lamb

Robert M. Lang
Sammy Young’s Nana and Baba
Patricia Lashoto
Jaedan Last
Jason LeBlanc
The Lecoq Family
Suzanne Leonard
Donna Lessard
Juliet Leydon
The Littlejohn Family
Cheryl and Mark Luongo
Peter and Linda Lydecker
Amy Lynch
Bruce and Kate MacRitchie
Dorothy and Stephen
Maureen Malloy
Candace and Richard Mandel
Paul Marchesiani
James and Theresa Markiewicz
D.F. Marshall
Janice and Fernand Martin
Jacqueline Mattis
In honor of Daria Niewenhous
Paul and Carolyn McCluskey
Daniel McDuffie
Barbara and Dennis McFall
Edward and Lori McGrath
Alex McKillop
Don and Cheryl McMahon Fraser
Beth and Brian McNelis
Nancy Meagher Mills
Judith Medeiros
Therese Melden
Gary and Tina Mell
Donald and Maureen Meninger
Nahant Council on Aging
Evvajean Mintz
Maureen P. Malloy
Coogan Moyer
William J. Murphy Jr. and Maryellen A. Perrotta
In honor of Quinn Murphy
Taft and Ann Murray
Tiki Murray
James Pidacks and Judith Murray
Sandra Nagler
M.B. Nelting
Karen Newman
Daria Niewenhous and Michael Rickley
John and Annette Nikolich
Stephen and Margaret Ober
Francis OBrien
John and Margaret O’Keefe
Lisa and Jim Oosterman
Judith Packer
Pagliarulo Family
Martha Panther Buckley
Carolyn Parece
Roberta Paris
Mary Parr
Lowell Partridge
Lee and Marion Phalen
Michael and Donna Pisari
The Pluskey Family
Chris and Terri Polvino
Martha Porter
Jacinta Reilly
Sandra Reinecke
Dianne Rice
Mary E. Roach
Cedrick Robinson
Steve and Carola Roeder
Meghan A Rosenberg
Marsha Rosselli and James Driscoll
Paul Rutz
Myrna Ann Saltman
William and Jacki Santoro
Carolyn Saxon
Elyse and Don Schuerman
Vanessa Schukis
Sid and Marion Schweiger
Maureen Scully
Davina Shuman
Rob and Sandy Silk
Marykelly C Smith
Susan Smith
Ann O’Hare Smith
Catherine Sorrentino
Gale and Roland Spadafora
Jessica Stauffer
Mitzie Stein
Eugene and Madeline Straussberg
Sulloway Family
Linda Svetz
Charles Swim
The Symes Family
Aricia Symes-Elmer and the Elmer Family
Tina Szoka
Jill Tapper
The Tenney Family
Judith and Stephen Terrazano
Rosemary Torpey
Dawn Tucker
Mr and Mrs Bruce Varney
Karen Vigurs-Stack
Susan J. and Lawrence A. Weiner
Donna M. Weiss
Cheryl and Robert Werlin
Barbara Wheatley
Carolyn Whiting
Karen and Neil Williams
Melodie Wing and David Szabo
Zhang Giving Fund


Names in BOLD indicate GBSC Trustees

Note: Names in BOLD indicate GBSC Board of Trustees.

Thank You for keeping live theatre and dramatic education a priority in our community!