Thank You Donors

The Greater Boston Stage Company Staff, Artists, and Board of Trustees would like to thank our generous government, corporate, foundation and individual donors and invite you all to Take A Bow! YOU are our stars!

Gifts made February 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022
Updated Quarterly
U.S. Small Business Administration
Oracle Net Suite
Mass Cultural Council
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Salem Five Charitable Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
Bridgeton Properties
Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation
Melrose Cooperative Bank Charitable Foundation
Reading Cooperative Bank
Stoneham Ford Mobile Company
The Savings Bank
Boston Partners Financial Group
Jackson Lumber and Millwork
Bank of America
Network for Good
Rapid Liquors
The Cambridge Matignon School
Life Care Center of Stoneham
T.Rowe Price Foundation
Cara Group Travel
Wegmans Medford, MA
Mindy Paper Cookies
Amazon Smile
Evergreen Florists

Special thanks to State Senator Jason M. Lewis’s and State Representative Michael Day’s offices.

Thank you to the Cultural Councils of Beverly, Burlington, Everett, Lawrence, Malden, Melrose, Peabody, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, and Wilmington for your generous support.

Anonymous x24
Diana Adamian
Kim Addison
Audrey and Don           Adelman
Stephen and Janet       Ahern
Jennifer Albanese
Carmen Aliber
Cynthia Allen
Mary C Anastas
Mark Cardono and       Tracy Sioussat
Nancy Antell
Dolores U. Arena
Julia and Kent Aston
Kelly Axtell
Ellen Baker
Henry Bardol
Julie Barnes
Rose Barry
Paul Beauchamp
Virginia Beauregard
Daniel Berger
Jeffrey and Kerry           Bernier
Margery Bernis
R Mark and Mary         Binderman
Raymond and Joan     Bird
Norman Bitsoli
Mary Ann Black
Bill Blumberg and       Ellie Havens
Alyssa Handler
Elizabeth Bocknick
Dorothy Boisvert
Marissa Borselli
Ania Borto
Randall Bowlby
Wilbur and Ann             Boynton
John and Mary Lou     Bracciotti
Saundra Bruce
Grace Bucchiere
Daniel Buckley
Miriam Buda
Mary Ellen Burgess
Frank and Marie           Burke
Todd Burne
Scott Busnach
A. Kathryn Butler
Joan Byington
Michael                           and Shanna               Cahalane
Peter and Lynne            Cameron
Claire and Frank           Waldman
Joseph V. Campo
Gloria Caplan
Paul Cappello
Joan Cassidy
Anna Castle
Kendra Chambers
Darcie Champagne
Peter and Laura           Chan
The Chisholm                 Family
Ruth Christopher
Laurie Cianciulli
Rich and Judy Clark
Scott Clarke
Nancy Clifford
Lawrence Cochran
Jane and Paul               Cohen
RG and Steve Cohen
Collins Family
Robert Colozzo
Ellen Colton
Lori and Peter                Comeau
Brendan and Jane         Connell
Judith Conroy
Jeanne Cotter
Chuck and Debbie         Cotting
Judy Courtney
Lori and Darrin               Courtney
Wendy Cox
Harold S. Crowley
Katie M. Dalton
John and Kathy              D’Angelo
Megan Day
Edward Deardon
Robert Dearth
Albert DeBueriis
Sarah deLima
Ann-Marie and Bob      DePalma
John DePinto
Marc Dettore
Jenelle DeVits
Suzanne Dias
Robert DiBella
Nick DiCiaccio and        Marguerite Shepard-DiCiaccio
Joanne DiMambro
Maria Dimare
Julie DiPasquale
Maureen Dischino
Janet DiStasio
Nancy DiTullio
Ann Doherty
Camille Donato
Peter Haydu and            Dona Sommers
Richard M Donovan
Dr. Bruce Doyle               DMD
Joan Driscoll

Sally Duff
Nancy Dunham-            Herd
Zoe D.
Mike Elmer and
   Aricia Symes-           Elmer
Sandy and Wes             Elmer
Mark Engelter
Mr. and Mrs. Donald     Erickson
Joe and Paula Evans
   In Memory of Paul     and Catherine             Rodden
Marlene Farbman
Nancy Fede
Gregory and                    Carolyn Finlay
Mr. and Mrs. John          Finnegan
Ellen T. Finneran
Flagg family
Kathleen and Gary        Floyd
Joan Ford                      Mongeau and            Peter Mongeau
Richard Fortin
Nancy Fredrick
Richard I. Freedman
Jennifer Fuchel
Teresa M. Gallinaro
Susan P. Gaskell, J.D.
Christina and                 Priscilla Geaney
Jill Geisler
Arelene and Ronald     Generazzo
Marsha Gerber
Trisha Gianatasio
Rosita Giliberto
Kimberly Gillette
Ann Marie Giovino
Dr. Deb Glancy
Carolyn R Gould
Elizabeth Gould
Ronald Grasso, Jr
From Michael                 Gravante, Young       Company Alum
Jacqueline Green
Carla Greenberg
J. Gribos
Lucille Grifone
Wendy Grose
Jeanette Recina           and Art Grossman
Marilyn Gulla
Nancy Haley
Beth and Dan               Hampson
Regina Harris
Richard and Mary          Hart
Michael Hartigan
Pamela Hartman
Debbie Hartman           McCulley
Faith Harvey
William Hayes
Susan Hegel
Carla and Michael          Hendricks
Peter Hickey
Allen and Johanna        Hill
Deb and Dave                Horlacher
Janice Houghton
Rose Howard
David Howe
Amy Howell
Kelly Hubbard
Susan Hutchinson
Sharon and Tom            Iovanni
ML Janower MD
The Jenkins Family
Ingrid Jochimsen
Naomi Johnson
Jerry Jones
Mary L. Jones
Steven Jones
Mayumi Kearns
Daniel Keating
Mary Kellerman
Jill Kennedy
Mary Anne Kieran
Kiewra family
Rachel Kiley
Patricia Kilty
William and Linda        Kimball
Denise Kneeland
Julia Kole
Mikhail and Bridget     Koryak
Loretta Kostas
Lorraine Krugman
Roberta Kunen
Dave Kurdzionak
Paul Lacey
Robert Lague
Sally and Steve              Lamb
Robert Lang and            Linda Cragin
Rose LaPiana
Patricia LaShoto
Stephanie LaShoto-     Westfield
Latta Giuliana                Family
Keri Layton
Kate Leblanc
Fabien Lecoq
Mark and Karen Leff
Marie Leonard
Suzanne Leonard 
Richard Lerman

Eileen Lessard
Jemaine Li
Marietta Lombard
Cheryl Luongo
Lorraine Lupi
Peter and Linda           Lydecker
John MacDonald
Martha MacDonald
Michael MacDougall
Bruce and Kate              MacRitchie
Anne Magill
Anne Maguire
Cynthia Maguire
Stephen and                  Dorothy Maio
Maureen Malloy
Richard and                    Candace Mandel
Eleanor Manning
Edgardo Mantilla          and Rebecca              Flores-Matilla
Paul Marchesiani
Melissa Marenco
Jim and Theresa            Markiewicz
Fernand & Janice          Martin
Deb and John                 Martino
Helena Masley
Paul and Beverly             Mattatall
McAuley Family
Susan McClory
Paul and Carolyn           McCluskey
Daniel McDuffie
Eileen McEnaney
Barbara McFall
Mary McGivern
Leslie McGovern
Lori and Edward            McGrath
Mary McIntire
Cheryl and Don               Fraser
Beth and Brian               McNelis
Nancy Meagher                Mills
Judith Medeiros
Tina and Gary Mell
Donald Meninger
Ann and Bob Miller
Donna Molligi
Sarah Molway
Donald and Nancy         Moore
Linda Morin
Lauren Moses
Tracy Muise
Marilyn Mullane
Sally Murphy
Jane Murray
Taft and Ann Murray
Theresa Murray
James Pidacks and      Judith Murray
Barbara Murrin
Sandy Nagler and          Scott Hamberg
Sandra Natale
Helen Nei
Sheila Nelson
Donna Nelson-               Cotter
Athena Newell
Karen Newman
Lori Newman
Nicole Nichols
Daria                             Niewenhous and      Michael Rickley
John C. Nitchie
Carol Nocella
Patricia Noonan
Stephen and Margaret Ober
Ellen O’Brien
Michael and Julie           O’Brien
Rosemary O’Connell
Marcia O’Connor
John and Margaret       O’Keefe
Lisa and Jim                   Oosterman
Matt and Diana               Overlan
Lisa C. Page
      Pagliarulo Family
Martha Panther                Buckley
In Honor of Molly            Burman
Mary Parr
Priscilla Pennacchio
Carol Pepoli
Laura Persson
Lee and Marion                Phalen
Joanne Pisacreta
Michael and Donna        Pisari
Paula and Richard          Snee
Theresa Pluskey
Chris Polvino
Mrs. Mary Price
Malinda Pulicari
Nat Pulsifer
Lisa Pulver
Debralee Quinn
Julia Quirk
Jeannie Ramey
Alisha Rao
The Ravins Family
Vincent Recca
Mary Redmond

Jacinta Reilly
Linda Reppucci
Dianne Rice
Monique Richard
Mary Riley
Mary Roach
Debi Rogers
Richard and Jean         Roketenetz
Marsha Rosselli
Sandra Rowe
Allison Rudmann
Jane Russell
Wade Russo
Dominique                      Rutteman
Paul Rutz
Jeanne Ryder
Paul and Sheila              Ryder
Renee Sack
William Sano
William and Jacki           Santoro
Carolyn Saxon
Susan Scales
John Scannell
The Estate of Celia
     L. Schulhoff
Sid and Marion               Schweiger
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon
Maria Sentance
Brian Showstead
Davina Shuman
Rob and Sandy Silk
Artan Simeqi
Arthur Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A.
Kelly Simpson-                 Apacible
Clifford Smith
Mark Smith
Dr. Susan H. Smith
Lois Smith Martin
Karen Sokol
Nicole Solari
Catherine                         Sorrentino
Gale and Roland              Spadafora
Erna Spencer
Anthony Speziale
Brian Spies
Margaret Springer
In memory of Terry          St. George
Ken Stack                          and Karen                  Vigurs-Stack
Amy Staffier
Cheryl Stanton
Mutsuko (Mitzie) T.            Stein
John A. Stella
Ann Stevenson
The Stimpsons
Eugene Straussberg
Marcia Strykowski
     Sulloway and               Bousquin Family
Catherine                          Sutherland
John Swain
Anita Sweeney
The Elmer Family
Christina Szoka
Rebecca Taplin
Ari Taylor
Robert and Carole         Tedesco
Lucy Tempesta
The Tenney Family
Missy Lieber                     Thomson
Stephanie                         Thornwall-                   Catalini
Wendy Tirck
Rosemary Torpey
Brian Tow
Dawn Tucker
Alan and Liza                   Valenca
Lincoln Crockett
Bruce and Kathy              Varney
Linda Vaughan
The Vernaglia                    Family
Alison Vieira
Alejandra L Villegas-
Matthew Wall
Julie Wallace
Deb Walsh
Mac and Paula                  Ward
Jim and Liz Warrick
Jennifer Wehle
Mrs. Donna Weiss
Cheryl and Robert          Werlin
Bella Westerman
Jerry Wheelock and        Elizabeth Wood
Kathryn Whelan
Deanne Wherry
Carolyn Whiting
Katherine Wilkins
Bob Wilson and             Norma Goodnight
Ellen Winson
Stephen Wishoski
Jeffrey and Linda          Worth
June Wulff
Stephen Zubricki IV     

Note: Names in BOLD indicate GBSC Board of Trustees.

Thank You for keeping live theatre and dramatic education a priority in our community!